Start The Harp Course

NEW in the shop is the 'Start The Harp' course, a method book for beginners learning the harp.

This tutor series begins with the harp basics (naming strings, finger numbers, how to read music) to much more complex music at ABRSM Grade 1 level.  Using Christine's own catchy compositions and well-known tunes, beginners will find themselves racing through the 10 learner levels displayed in the course.

From simple tunes like Twinkle Twinkle & Frere Jacque to classics like Pachelbel's Canon & Ode To Joy, this tutor series is packed with tunes that beginners love to play.  As well as classical tunes, there is a repertoire of Scottish and Irish tunes and even the popular 'Happy Birthday'.

The course also encourages technical work that is vital for building strong foundations at the harp - triads, inversions, scales, arpeggios, dominant 7ths and broken chords are all included in a dictionary at the back of the book.  To purchase, visit the shop here.